An objective outsourcing strategy analysis to demonstrate the value opportunity & market capability

Outsourcing Strategy and Risk ManagementTactical outsourcing strategy can deliver higher efficiency and lower costs to your operation performance. Tactical outsourcing requires well-structured transactional processes and roles.

However, the relationship with your supplier must have the capacity for continuous improvement, Common or well integrated systems are necessary to allow quick and efficient information transfer with low error rates. Development and implementation therefore focuses on matching and aligning the supplier’s operational capabilities to your organisation.

It is generally recognised that there are two criteria to determine if strategic outsourcing is appropriate for a business process;

  • How significant is the process to your operational performance?
  • How strategically important is the process to your business?

Strategic outsourcing enables an organisation to gain competitive advantage by accessing skills and capabilities that it does not retain in-house. It enables you to offer a broader added value to your customers while allowing your organisation to focus on your core competencies. These capabilities may be very specialised and only required infrequently, thus not justifying the cost of in-house dedicated capability. Or they may be more generalised but have other barriers to securing them in-house. The ideal relationship with the supplier is closer to a collaborating alliance. We therefore focus on aligning interests and culture as much as accessing the capabilities.

Think Global Growth recognise that each outsourcing opportunity is unique. We seek to help our clients understand and express their requirements so that we can help find and select the right supplier. We understand that there can be a significant cost to switch to an outsourcing strategy and that there are risks of a failed implementation or subsequent separation. We therefore ensure our clients take an objective and very measured approach to ensure reasonable due diligence, mitigation and limit dependency on the supplier.

How we can help

Think Global Growth take a holistic and long term approach to supporting clients develop and implement global outsourcing strategies. We recognise that success comes from ensuring the solution is totally aligned with our client’s overall business strategy. We ensure the right balance of structure and adaptability exists to ensure long term benefits and sustainability.

Drawing upon years of experience, working internationally in senior roles, our approach is not theoretical but to provide practical advice and guidance. We provide objective analysis to demonstrate the value opportunity and market capability.  This helps secure the support of the business stakeholders to deliver an effective outsourced solution. In order to avoid creating a problem, our objective is to ensure the clarity and definition of the process before seeking to engage a supplier.

Our consultant’s experience, in providing international outsourced solutions and the cultural awareness needed to help them to succeed, allows us to identify and select right supplier.

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