Integrate the outsourcing management processes with your business control & reporting systems

outsourcing managementTranslating the strategy into a successful outsourcing management system requires a well organised and structured approach. Ideally much of the preparation is completed before engaging with the supplier to define the business process, interfaces and standards that are required. However it is also essential to understand the dynamics that connect the outsourced to the in-house activities. The outsourcing management implementation must therefore also include some adaptation of the in-house processes to maximise the effectiveness of the overall process. Think Global Growth recognise the need and scope of this structure and ensure a holistic approach to avoid creating a problem.

Ultimately the outsourced process must be integrated into the business outsourcing management control and reporting systems. In particular it is important to define the scope and level of decision making authority within the outsourced process operator. The clarity of process and roles is essential. However, the outsourced solution has to be as effective in the future as it is on implementation. Therefore, this must be open to continual improvement and adaptation. Successful implementation and operation is very dependent upon good communication and cooperation between individuals within both parties. However it must not become people dependant. Think Global Growth ensure that awareness and knowledge is embedded in day to day operations to ensure a sustainable implementation.

How we can help

Think Global Growth’s approach is entirely practical, not theoretical. We provide practical advice and guidance to the project at both the steering group and within the implementation team. We have the tools and methodologies to address each element of the implementation. Our objective is to coach and mentor key individuals to ensure that the client has the skills and capabilities to maintain and develop a sustainable outsourced solution.

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