Understanding the impact of cultural differences when offshore outsourcing is key to align business behaviours

 offshore outsourcing Think Global Growth is a world leader in the impact that global cultural differences can have when working in a cross-border environment. Global offshore outsourcing is an intimate strategy and heightened cultural awareness is essential in developing and maintaining a close working relationship.

From the very first engagement with a potential international supplier cultural differences will affect how effective you are individually. As you move towards a much broader engagement and implementation your wider organisation needs to be culturally aware and able to overcome the complexities of styles and expectations encountered.

Cultural awareness will, to a large extent, affect how clearly your organisation communicates ideas and strategy and how good they are at understanding others. Understanding the impact of cultural differences will help align business behaviours. Incentives and controls can be better structured to promote supporting behaviours.  Processes and systems can be adapted to cultural norms which in turn reduces stress and increases effectiveness.

Think Global Growth’s training and coaching focuses the day to day practical issues and how global cultural awareness can increase commercial success when offshore outsourcing.

How we can help

We have developed a range of training programmes to meet your needs. By working together we will tailor our approach to your specific needs. Our approach is practical and hands on. We do not talk theory. Our consultants have the cultural knowledge and commercial acumen, gained from many years of international experience at a senior level, which will help you deliver a better global outsourcing solution.

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