Global Outsourcing is a valuable strategy to support business growth

global outsourcingBusiness Process Outsourcing (BPO) is a very valuable strategy. When effectively implemented, it can bring lower operating costs and access to capabilities not available within your organisation. Think Global Growth are leaders in the development and delivery of effective global outsourcing.

Our consultants are uniquely placed to understand and support your organisation, having many years of international experience both in the purchase and the supply of outsourced services.

Global outsourcing has become an increasingly valuable strategy to support business growth. Historically, it was seen as a way to perform supporting operational processes at substantially reduced labour cost. This tactical outsourcing strategy has focussed on low cost emerging markets to deliver this capability. More recently, outsourcing strategies have identified strategic outsourcing opportunities. Companies recognise the importance of access to skills and capabilities. This is of particular value when seeking international business growth. However, often building the capability internally is prohibitive due to cost, time, or other barriers to entry exist. We understand that strategic outsourcing is subject to substantially different challenges than tactical outsourcing. We guide our outsourcing clients to selecting the right service provider and establishing successful operations.

Successful global outsourcing requires a clear assessment of the value drivers. Realising the strategy requires identifying and matching the supplier to your business and having a clear understanding of the objectives and critical success factors. To establish the right long term relationship both the operational and contractual elements must be clear and understood by both parties. The key to building a successful and sustainable relationship, is to develop ever deeper levels of cultural fluency and collaboration. We are aware that a successful implementation must integrate all these elements, and we have the diverse skills and experience to enable our clients to achieve this.

How we can help

Global outsourcing covers two distinct but related concepts; business process outsourcing and offshoring. It is important when looking at global outsourcing as an improvement activity to consider both. Think Global Growth’s unique capability is to both guide and support clients in identifying the business improvement opportunity and to enable international supplier search and selection.

TGG has a breadth of understanding and expertise in all aspects of global outsourcing. We work at all levels of a client organisation from board level strategy development to practical operations and contracting. With years of hands-on experience at senior level in global markets, our consultants combine the knowledge and commercial acumen to be able to help you. They have practical experience working within multinational organisations both procuring and delivering internationally outsourced services

Our approach is to work alongside our global outsourcing clients. This allows us to understand and assess their individual benefits and challenges for global outsourcing. We provide expert support and guidance along the path from supplier prospecting, and contracting to establishing operations and cultural integration. We have the cross border experience to help our clients manage effectively across cultures and time zones.

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