linkedin trainingLinkedIn training allows businesses communicate internally and externally in a significantly different way than a few decades ago.

We continue to be in a period of transition as new technologies impact our daily lives. Old routes to market don’t work. The way in which we forge new business relationships has taken a significant shift.

International relationships can be forged more easily, but significant care has to be taken to deal with cultural differences effectively.

One of those shifts is in the use of social media. There are now hundreds if not thousands of tools and applications we can choose to make our business lives’ more efficient. However, businesses have typically been very slow to adopt agile solutions in favour of choosing safe options from trusted parties or have simply put their heads in the sand.

One of the platforms that has risen to the top in the past decade for business to business networking online is LinkedIn. With over 400 million people worldwide having a LinkedIn account it is now the pre-eminent location to develop a business network. Almost every business professional has an account on LinkedIn.

Our expertise can underpin a strategy to extend your international reach, providing low-cost research to identify new target markets and a means to begin a beneficial conversation. Developing a trusted network on LinkedIn is the new form of social selling that facilitates global growth and delivers results.

How we can help

We help our international clients develop strategies for the improved use of the LinkedIn platform. There are typically two key features of the improved use of LinkedIn:

  • Lead generation
  • Thought leadership

Others include:

  • Brand awareness
  • Talent sourcing
  • Market research

We hold LinkedIn training and consultancy sessions to raise the awareness of the technology amongst senior executives and develop a strategy that delivers on the goals of the organisation. These are typically sales, marketing and HR, but in fact no department that has customer-facing responsibility is untouched by the potential of the improved use of the platform. Having established the strategy we can then roll out the complete LinkedIn training programme for all employees who have client-facing responsibilities throughout the world.

The road to making a sale or valuable connection is ever more complex. Customers can research many places before they decide to do business with you. LinkedIn, statistically, is a major contributor to the customer journey in a decision as to whether they will do business with you or not. How does your professional personal brand appear online? Are your brand messages aligned to your global aspirations?

To understand how LinkedIn training can assist you in delivering your corporate objectives please contact us.