digital asset managementAs organisations expand across international borders the management of brand assets becomes a challenging concern. How does an organisation with multiple offices working across different time zones and cultures manage a consistent feel to a widely spread customer base? Is the use of images, text, graphics, videos and logos consistent? Can documents be found in a timely manner? Digital Asset Management, a combination of technology, processes and people provides the solution.

International organisations, without exception, waste a large percentage of their marketing resource on duplicating, losing and having inconsistent brand influence in front of their customer base. Brand recognition can be damaged and opportunities squandered every day by not putting the right piece of content in front of the right person in the right medium at the right time through a lack of process to manage such issues. Valuable content can be locked inside countries, servers and even right down to hand-held devices. As a consequence not only are opportunities missed, but penalties incurred through the misunderstanding of the rights associated with the use of that content.

How we can help

Think Global Growth have the experience internationally to provide a global solution. We can review the current climate of your brand assets locating hotspots of content around the globe and provide an in-depth strategic review to understand where losses are being incurred and where improvements can be made.
We provide consultation to ensure that the correct vendor choice and technology solution is made to meet your global requirements. We advise on the product information workflow to ensure that brand assets can be found throughout the organisation in a timely and responsive manner. The financial savings alone can be significant, but the new opportunities opened up to meet on-demand requirements can lead to new and often untapped revenue channels.

To understand how we can improve your use and understanding of Digital Asset Management please contact us.