Request for Proposal Management (RFP)

Request for Proposal Management (RFP)Re-tendering for provision of corporate banking services should be a periodic activity, ensuring that the current bank, its services, credit rating and pricing is still the best solution for your business; Request for Proposal Management (RFP) service can define your banking requirements, to create a formal tender document (“RFP”) to a selection of banks to get the best cash management solution at the lowest price.

TGG can help you at all steps of the process to develop your RFP through information gathering, creation of tender documents, participating in the presentations and the final decision making process.

With an RFP process completed the company can then demonstrate to stakeholders and senior management that the bank partners have been properly scrutinised and have justified their relationship.

Treasury Audit & Benchmarking Service

In addition to simply running a Request for Proposal Management (RFP) process, TGG’s Treasury consulting services can measure & identify areas where the business could significantly reduce cost, improve efficiencies and better control business risk; spanning areas such as idle or ‘trapped cash’, maximisation of working capital borrowing (such as factoring), minimising bank fees & borrowing costs. Many corporates lack the internal time or expertise to devote to reviewing the overall value of existing banking relationships in such detail…

TGG Treasury’s objective is to enhance efficiency and identify areas for cost savings resulting in increased profitability, using a detailed analysis of the client’s bank balances and transactions and expert review of its banking costs, structure and arrangements.

TGG Treasury clients can expect to achieve significant benefits v initial cost from a treasury review, which would consider areas of the business such as:

  • Transactions – receipts and disbursement process
  • Banking maximisation
  • Liquidity management processes and controls
  • Balance sheet currency risk assessment and hedging programs
  • Balance sheet maximisation – efficient interco loan structuring
  • Intensive working capital management across the business
  • Organisational Cash management – idle cash elimination
  • Debt facility and interest cost management

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