Think Global Growth International Trade Finance – ( Import / Export )

International Trade Finance
 “Every man lives by exchanging.” ― Adam Smith

TGG Trade Banking Advisory has years of experience in managing International Trade Finance and its associated activities, assisting clients to protect themselves against the risks that occur when they start importing or exporting with new markets.

Areas that are often challenging for customers would typically include:

  • Import & Export Letters of Credit
  • Documentary Collections for Imports / Exports
  • Advice in obtaining working capital finance of imported goods
  • Obtaining credit and trade finance from export sales (Trade Finance)
  • Bonds & Guarantees for overseas contracts

TGG Trade Banking Advisory provides international trade finance consulting expertise in designing and managing the trade banking process to ensure that the client is able to trade with new markets as efficiently and economically as possible, in areas where an ambitious corporate may not have the adequate in –house expertise to support the cross border strategy of the company.

We can provide training to up skill company staff in order to de-risk the cross border trading process.

Letter of Credit Expertise for your Company

For as long as any of us can remember, Export Letters of Credit have occupied the unique position of being both one of the most “secure” forms of trade payment but also one of the most frustrating and hard to collect.

TGG’s L/C Management Advisor service will demystify the process surrounding trade using Letters of Credit, and helping  exporters to avoid making some simple (but expensive) commercial mistakes; the common problems that we will help you overcome are

Giving exporters a clear understanding of Letter of Credit rules, which are often viewed as complex and often difficult to understand by exporters and helping exporters to build solid commercial L/C management procedures to ensure compliance with L/C rules and standard banking practices.

TGG Trade Banking Advisory provides a full education service to enable exporters to properly co-ordinate the L/C process between their finance / commercial functions and production / shipping before starting the contract.

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