The Global Financing & Treasury Experts – The “Inside View”

Window of Opportunity
At some point in its evolution, a company is likely to experience a major change (e.g. M&A, buy-out, refinancing, restructuring, strategic re-banking) in its existing banking and other financial arrangements that is specialised beyond the scope of expertise in the day to day operation.

The complex relationship between corporates and banks is frequently misunderstood – many company CFO’s and Treasurers are too hesitant to tell banks what they really want and need from a strong banking relationship, whilst bankers often have very little insight into the key operational or process issues and strategic decisions faced by those running a business; leaving both sides feeling only partially satisfied with their relationship.

Both sides can be highly knowledgeable, yet there can be gaps that prevent the two from becoming more effective partners. Banks wish to maximise corporate customer income (often to facilitate lending) and offer excellent products to solve customer problems, but often fail to fully express how their solutions could help their clients; whilst corporates want to maximise cost and efficiency improvements and face a number of technical or organisational challenges, but may not know how to seek effective help from their bank.

How we can help

At TGG our unique mix of international corporate treasury and global financing experience allows us to see both ‘sides’ of this key relationship. We ensure that both corporates and their banks have the best possible understanding of how they can grow, innovate and become closer and more profitable as business partners to ensure that you get the best result for your organisation.

Real World Treasury Experience and Global Financing Expertise

TGG Treasury and cash management consulting provides the expert support and information necessary to make the best decisions and achieve a successful outcome, thus obtaining the maximum value from these critical global financing and banking transactions.

Experienced Treasury Support at Critical Periods

TGG Treasury Services acts as strategic business partner and subject matter expert for CEO’s, CFO’s and Treasurers at small and medium sized corporates to deliver improvement and development of your current treasury and cash management practices, creating efficiencies across corporate finance function. In addition, we advise on major projects such as M&A spin-offs, bank migration, banking systems streamlining, integration and implementation of complex banking and credit facilities.

30 Years of Corporate Treasury Experience

With over 30 years of unique real-world experience of corporate financing and treasury skills and knowledge gained in complex situations that most corporates will never have seen before. Large transactions such as M&A and one-off treasury and finance projects often require the services of an external treasury specialist, allowing the corporate Treasurer to concentrate on running a busy day to day corporate treasury function.

Complex and Global Treasury Management Solutions

In more complex corporates, international treasury management requires greater control, expertise and resources; the solution to better management may be creation of structures such as regional or global treasury centres or in-house banks. With greater control of treasury and cash management, efficiency, liquidity and risk management benefits (and working alongside your other professional advisors) we are able to support all aspects of such projects. Our consulting team has vast hands-on experience in managing corporate treasury operations. We can provide specialist advice and solutions in all areas of treasury management including financial structuring, regulatory issues, currency risk, and policies and reporting.

If you wish to get more value from your treasury function and ensure best practice implementation then contact us. We will bring clarity to the problem-solving process and identify steps to resolution.

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