UK Market Sector Strengths

You really should consider developing a UK market entry strategy if you haven’t already done so, and one of the main reasons that the UK is such an attractive market entry destination is due to its amazing cross-sector strengths.

There are opportunities in just about every sector of the UK economy and here is just a brief snapshot of some of the really powerful industrial areas which power British growth:


The UK has global reputation for automotive design and spectacular innovation – especially in the premium automotive ranges. The country also boasts some of the highest productivity plants in Europe and is at the forefront of automotive green technology with huge investment going into both manufacturing and the supply chains, driving the UK to a low-carbon future.


The UK’s excellent university research base and the associated R&D undertaken by hi-tech British firms make the UK the go-to place for key players in the Aerospace and Defence sectors. The UK has particular strengths in wing design, engine development and manufacture, material technologies and advanced system design.

Chemicals & Pharma

The UK has a very long tradition within both the Chemical and Pharmaceuticals sectors which means it has fully integrated and innovative value chains. These value chains extend into both the highly advance university networks and world-class R&D facilities. With its strengths in speciality chemicals and novel pharmaceuticals, the UK is perfectly positioned to be a world leader in biotechnology going forward.


The UK market is tremendously strong right across the food and drink vertical – with state of the art farming capability, highly productive manufacturing and some of the world’s strongest retail chains. The UK also boasts some of the world’s most celebrated food and drinks brands and is constantly innovating and introducing new product ranges. The UK also leads the world in some niche areas such as health foods and ready meals.

Green Tech & Services

The UK possibly leads the world in this area with industrial strengths across a whole range of expertise and capability. Research strengths in biotech, advanced materials, engine technology and control systems are driving the UK’s growth in this sector. All of this is further enhanced by specific UK strengths in green manufacturing, alternative fuels and tidal power technologies. The UK is also very strong in environmental consultancy and carbon trading initiatives.

Knowledge Intensive Industries

The UK leads the world on a per-capita basis, lagging the US in total revenue generated but achieving three times better results on a per-capita basis. Although people will assume that this is mainly driven through the financial services sector (where the UK has the world’s largest market share), in fact the UK has about 14% of the total global market in this area – being extremely strong in insurance, computing and information services.