Considering the UK

The UK is one of the world’s most attractive countries to invest in – either when exporting your goods here or setting up your own subsidiary. Here are 10 of the most compelling arguments to invest:

1. On average it takes only 13 days to set up a business in the UK, making it one of the easiest places to do business in the world. The World Bank ranks the UK the top European country in terms of ‘ease of doing business’ and the 6th easiest place to business in the world.

2. The UK has probably the most flexible labour legislation in Europe, making it relatively easy to both scale up and scale down your business according to trading conditions.

3. The UK has an extremely stable political environment (despite the Brexit vote) and a very strong legal system underpinning all commercial activity. Transparency International ranks the UK as one of the least corrupt countries in the world.

4. The UK leads the world in terms of innovation across a whole range of sectors – from green technology, to biotechnology through to Finntech.

5. The UK has consistently outperformed other European countries in terms of GDP growth rates, indicating a vibrant economy where your business can thrive.

6. Language issues are never a barrier. Of course, English is universally spoken but the cosmopolitan nature of the UK workforce means there are always plenty of people who can speak your language as well.

7. Technology and connectivity are everywhere. The UK has one of the most extensive broadband networks in the world and the IT infrastructure is in a state of constant development.

8. The UK Higher Education system produces a mass of highly talented, ambitious graduates every year.

9. An interconnected network of modern cities opens up a massive market of 65 million customers to your products and services.

10. The UK population enjoys a high standard of living and the spending power of the population makes the UK the 5th largest economy in the world.

11. The UK is not only prosperous but also very competitive – it scores very highly on both the Ease of Doing Business Index and the Global Competitiveness Index.

12. The UK is a trading nation which imports more than it exports – so the country has proved over decades that it open to products and services from other countries.

13. The UK boasts a very well educated and flexible labour force which makes it easy for overseas companies to build that flexibility into their growth plans – you will not be restricted by overly burdensome labour legislation

14. The UK is underpinned by very strong public institutions with governance, the rule of law and transparency at the heart of the nation’s agenda. The economy is well regulated and corruption is at a minimum

15. The UK has one of the largest and most resilient banking sectors in the world which has been able to re-strengthen its core position since the Global Financial Crisis. This solidity underpins the strength of the UK economy

16. The UK consumer is ‘purchase hungry’. They want to buy things and are attracted to good quality products at reasonable prices – regardless of where they were made.

There are lots of good reasons for considering the UK as an export market for you products – you can develop a really good business in the country provided you have the right product.

Deciding whether the UK is right for you is a complex task and you need expert local help and guidance. TGG can offer you this assistance and ensure a successful entry into the UK market. Contact us for more information on how we can help you develop a UK success story.