Continue to expand your business with effective UK market growth and penetration.

UK market growth Having successfully established your presence in the UK, won your first clients and generated initial revenue you will then need a medium and long-term plan to help you turn early wins into a sustainable business.

You may want to look for addition distributors or sales channels for new products or to look at different areas of the UK as potential markets. You may decide that for brand reputation reasons, you need to move beyond working through a distribution channel to setting up your own permanent establishment in the UK. You may then need to do some serious structuring work, tax planning and staff recruitment. You may even decide you need to buy an established UK business to help you ramp up faster than might otherwise be possible. We can help with all of these activities.

Ongoing UK market growth and penetration services include:

  • Business structuring advice
  • Distributor management
  • Joint-venturing with you
  • Banking and cash management advisory
  • Premises search
  • Digital strategy
  • Supply chain management
  • Staff recruitment
  • HR Advisory

Think Global Growth can help with all of these aspects of your UK market growth journey and more. Think Global Growth is here with you on your path to UK market success from ‘day minus one’ to ‘day plus one’.

We are even open to discussions about joint-venturing. We are interested in sharing in the risks of growth and sharing in the rewards of success. By the time you are at this stage of your UK adventure, you will realise how effective a partner we can be and may want to tie yourselves in ever closer.

For more information on how Think Global Growth and its team of experts can continue to assist you and your growth trajectory in the UK market please contact us below.