For overseas corporates looking to expand into the UK, the initial set-up of their new business inbound to the UK and learning about UK business culture, can be seen as a major challenge

Its all about Latitude 2The UK represents one of the most attractive business opportunities in the world. As a mature consumer market, entrepreneurial in nature and open to international products and service providers the UK offers everything you are looking for in a key growth opportunity for your business.

Yet all international expansion carries risks and Think Global Growth wants to help you reduce the risk associated with any potential expansion into the UK business culture. We are committed to working with you to ensure that you plan correctly, implement effectively and grow successfully – which is why we have developed our unique three phase UK Market Entry model:

Think Global Growth’s team are all industry veterans with decades of international experience and a UK network of associates who can help you realise your UK ambitions. We cover the UK from the south coast to Scottish Isles and we take a pragmatic approach to UK market entry and are focussed from day one on helping you generate revenue as quickly as possible at the lowest cost. This way you can ensure that you take advantage of the undoubted opportunities represented by the UK market.

We want to help you reduce the risk associated with entering the UK and are committed to working with you within a risk-share model. We want our success in helping you succeed in the UK to be rewarded but we recognise that you don’t want the cost of UK growth to take up massive resources until you have venture validated the whole concept. That’s why we work on a small retainer model during the pre-entry phase with the bulk of our fees coming during the ongoing growth and market penetration phase – usually as a percentage of your increased revenue from UK business.

We want to work with companies who have the right products, ambition and attitude to excel in the UK and we’ll tell you if we think your chances of success in the UK are limited. Your success will be our success as part of your in-house team – on call for advice in-market whenever you need it.

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