Grow your revenue in key selected international markets and share the risk of growth with as committed export partners.

Revenue Generation with Export PartnersWe know that your key objective is increased revenue generation – be it in the UK or internationally. We know that because it’s our key objective too. We want to help you increase your revenue outside the UK because we want to grow our business as well. We see your success as key to our success – it’s a classic win-win situation.

We don’t want to hit you with massive fees up-front chasing a dream. Why would you invest in such a risky venture if your export partners were not prepared to share in that risk? Therefore we have a simple approach to helping you grow internationally.

  • Firstly, we assess your international potential – which markets are right, which products will fly – before committing to working with you We won’t tell you you’ll be successful if you won’t because we’ll both lose money.
  • Secondly, we help you build your strategy and implement it in one or more territories for a modest fee whilst you are building your presence and market share.
  • Lastly, we’ll take a small percentage of revenue generated in-country for a three to five year period – so the more money you generate, the more money we make as well. It’s win-win.

How will you generate revenue in a new market? By working with the right people in-country. It’s all about working with the right partners. Distributors and agents can be good or bad but it can be really difficult to recognise what ‘good’ actually looks like in a new country. We will help you identify a long list of potential partners and then pare this down to a handful of real gems. At that point it’s down to chemistry, commercials and choice – but choice from a quality list.

For more information on how you can grow your revenue in key selected international markets and at the same time share the risk of growth with Think Global Growth as export partners, please contact us below