Think Global Growth’s Global Expansion advisory service provides help and advice for corporates looking to expand operations both into and out of the UK.

Global ExpansionThe world is getting smaller – or so we are told. The world may be getting smaller but that doesn’t mean it’s becoming less complicated or varied. Any seasoned international veteran will tell you that international expansion is tricky.

It demands a combination of in-depth knowledge, determination, energy and a certain degree of stubbornness. But most of all, successful global expansion needs a plan; it needs a strategy to underpin it and only then should all the other prerequisites come into play.

Think Global Growth has brought together a group of individuals who have extensive international experience across and number of different sectors and geographies. We have worked and built businesses in multiple countries – both personally and for our clients. We want to help you expand your business effectively, quickly and with the minimum necessary cost.

Whether you are a UK business looking to expand or a company looking at exploiting the vast potential of the British market, we are here to help you maximise your global ambitions.

How we can help

TGG would like to act as your global expansion partner – working with you from initial strategy formulation, through the knowledge acquisition and venture validation phases and all the way on to in-country implementation and sustained global growth.

Going global can present risks but it also offers tremendous rewards and, in recognition of that dilemma, we structure our engagements to mirror your process. We only really gain when you become successful in a new market – and that is a tremendous incentive to us to make sure you are very successful.

We’d love to work with you and help your global expansion so please contact us for a ‘no commitment’ initial discussion.