Start developing cultural fluency with a keynote address from a world leading expert at your next conference.

Keith Warburton - GBCAll organisations struggle to make their global operations work together as effectively as they would like and many of these inefficiencies are thought to be the result of the culturally different approaches to work which can be encountered around the world.  Many people look at an issues and say ‘it’s possibly a cultural problem’ but then don’t really know how to identify the real cultural issue or how to address it. 

The problem with the impact of culture on the global stage is that people ‘just don’t know what they don’t know’.  So how should an organisation address this problem?

The first stage of developing greater global cultural fluency within any organisation has to be through raising awareness across the company of the fact that cultural differences can have a significant impact on operational performance – for good or for bad.  People need to buy into the idea that cultural awareness is a ‘need to have’ and not a ‘nice to have’.

A great place to start this awareness raising process is at conferences.

Keith Warburton, CEO of Think Global Growth, is a serious player in this space.  He founded Global Business Culture, one of the world’s leading cultural awareness consultancies before moving on to set up Think Global Growth which helps clients operate more effectively globally across a range of global disciplines.  Keith has been the keynote speaker at international conferences all around the world and is renowned for bringing a unique combination of insight, deep global awareness and humour to this vital topic.

Keith has spoken at conferences for a wide range of clients including major global banks, leading law firms, MNC’s from multiple sectors and some of the world’s great universities on such topics as:

  • Developing a global mindset within the organisation
  • Making international teams work
  • Developing global leaders
  • Effective new market entry
  • Selling effectively across cultures
  • The cultural aspects of HR


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