Further your international higher education aspirations through targeted training and consultancy interventions.

International Higher EducationHigher Education institutions are increasingly aware that growing global competition means both students and staff needs to develop greater levels of cultural fluency. 

As International Higher Education institutions focus on increasing levels of global co-operation – be it student recruitment, faculty diversity, academic partnerships or corporate research partnerships – they often find that key employees lack the level of cultural awareness and knowledge to enable them to work effectively when faced with differing cultural norms and values.

Having worked with a number of leading international higher education universities we have found five critical reasons why Higher Education institutions feel the need to address this knowledge and awareness gap:

  • The need to deliver on the service level promise to international students
  • A recognition that communication skills amongst faculty and staff are a handicap to effective learning
  • The importance of understanding key overseas markets more fully
  • Other competitors are taking cultural fluency really seriously and developing their staff more effectively
  • Without an effective global strategy the future looks bleak for the organisation

How we can help

Think Global Growth has worked with International Higher Education establishments in the UK, USA and Europe, helping them further their globalisation aspirations through targeted training and consultancy interventions.  This work has brought us into contact with senior leadership, faculty, students and support staff across a wide range of activities.

All of the work we do with our HE clients is tailored to the precise needs of the organisation and we work closely with you to pinpoint areas of greatest need and greatest impact.  All programmes are tailored to your needs after in-depth discussions.

Typical interventions

Although all HE interventions are tailored to suit the needs of each individual client, our work is often focused around the following areas:

  • Up-skilling academic staff to meet the demands of a culturally diverse student body
  • Awareness raising of large numbers of support staff to the impact of cultural differences
  • Internationalisation of the curriculum
  • Helping students develop cultural knowledge for the workplace
  • Improving the effectiveness of cross-border collaboration and research projects
  • Work with MBA students

If you would like more information on how we can help your organisation with International Higher Education,please contact us below