International Business Law and The Legal Sector

International Business LawBoth law firms and in-house counsel teams recognise that they need to develop the skills and knowledge-base to enable them to work efficiently across the boundaries of culture, language and jurisdictional differences. 

This means they need both international business lawyers and support staff to approach matters with a global mindset – they realise that cultural fluency is an essential tool of the truly competent international business lawyer.

Think Global Growth has a particularly strong profile within the international business law & legal sector – both with law firms and in-house legal teams.  We have worked with a great many of the large international law firms as well as the in-house functions of many multi-national companies.
The fact that we work with both law firms and their clients gives us a unique view on global interactions within the legal sector.

We work at all levels within law firms from senior partners through to support staff, helping our clients to meet the promise they make to their clients with regard to delivering a seamless service across the jurisdictions.

How we can help

Over the past decade or more, Think Global Growth has developed an extensive array of training modules aimed specifically at lawyers at different stages in their career development – from programmes on developing international pitching skills for partners and senior associates through to working with junior lawyers helping them develop a global mindset and everything in between.

We work closely with our legal sector clients to develop programmes which are tailored to the exact needs of the firm and delegate base and our deep knowledge of the sector can often help firms to better hone the goals and objectives they might have from any training initiative.

Typical International Business Law Training Interventions

Although all legal sector training programmes are tailored to suit the needs of each individual client, a snapshot of typical engagements would include:

  • Global mindset development for lawyers
  • Country specific briefings
  • Managing cross-border transactions
  • Pitching in an international environment
  • Cultural fluency for support staff
  • Pre-secondment briefings
  • Linkedin for global business development
  • E-learning programmes

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