Cultural Awareness Training allows you to focus on the direct relationship between global cultural differences and commercial success

Cultural Awareness TrainingThink Global Growth CEO, Keith Warburton, is an internationally recognised expert on cultural awareness training focusing on the impact cultural differences can have when working in a global environment.

Keith and his team have developed an impressive array of cultural awareness training modules which are designed to help companies and individuals operate at their most effective and efficient in today’s global environment.

Think Global Growth’s Cultural Awareness Training options focus on the direct relationship between global cultural differences and commercial success with an emphasis on the day-to-day practical issues faced by people who work across the boundaries of culture, language, geography and time zones.

Our Cultural Awareness Training programmes address such vital issues as:

  • Are you individually or as a company equipped to overcome the complexities of the myriad of working styles and client expectations you encounter when working internationally?
  • How can you improve both internal and external efficiencies when working cross-border?
  • How effectively are you able communicate ideas and strategy across cultures and languages?
  • Can greater cultural fluency boost profitability?

How we can help

We develop tailored training programmes to meet your needs and which help you to reach your global goals.  We recognise that every organisation and every sector is different. They may need a unique approach – therefore your input is key to the success of any initiatives we develop together.  We know how and where culture intersects with business performance and you know where the global pinch-points and knowledge gaps are in your organisation.  Working together, we can deliver high quality training which brings about real mindset and operational change.

Typical Cultural Awareness Training Interventions

Our cultural awareness training programmes are tailored to suit the needs of each individual client. They often cover the following formats:

  • Generic Cultural Awareness development
  • Regions specific-briefings
  • Country-specific programmes
  • Pre-secondment preparation
  • Function-specific workshops

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You can also visit the Global Culture website for full Country Profile details and Cross Cultural Training and professional Cultural Awareness Training downloadable resources and training courses.