Make virtual teams work as effectively as teams which work in one location

managing virtual teamsThis is a question which is vexing more and more organisations as the world of work becomes increasingly globalised.  The notion that ‘company culture’ will take care of any differences in approach and perception in different parts of the world is fatally flawed – as has been proved time after time in large global organisations.

If your organisation depends on matrixed teams working on projects across borders, you really cannot afford not to spend time skilling-up your employees to meet the challenges of a global virtual workplace.  Far too often, people are just thrown in at the deep end and expected to be able to lead or interface with colleagues in multiple different business cultures without being given any help or guidance.

Employees need awareness of the challenges inherent in global virtual teams, they need specific knowledge of how to interact in a culturally fluent way and they then need to know how to apply this awareness and knowledge to their day-to-day tasks.

How we can help

Think Global Growth has developed an array of training modules aimed at helping clients overcome the difficulties of working in a global virtual team and then moving them on to ensure that the benefits of having a globally diverse employee base can be realised.

Our programmes are designed to address the exact needs of your organisation and to be of immediate practical benefit to delegates.  We do not talk about elaborate theoretical models, we focus on key day-to-day team activities and how these are impacted when working virtually.  At the end of any programme we expect all delegates to have a tool-kit they can take into the virtual team environment the next day which will immediately start to enhance team efficiency and effectiveness.

Typical Training Interventions

Although all virtual team training programmes are tailored to suit the needs of each individual client, our courses often cover the following formats:

  • Leading virtual teams
  • Working as a virtual team member
  • Improving the effectiveness of existing virtual teams
  • Effective communication within teams
  • Making virtual meetings work

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