Global Supply Chain Management

Recently I came across an interesting article in Supply Chain Digital “Why are global supply chains becoming more fragile?”

It cited a number of examples of supply chain failures and suggested one of the factors that play a large role … Read the rest

bitcoin and blockchains

There are an increasing amount of articles promoting how blockchains will revolutionise so many industries. This fervour seems to have been picked up by supply chain professionals. But will it really make a difference in any but niche applications?

As … Read the rest

supply chain

In those few and precious moments between rushing between one crisis and the next we get time to sit back and view our world more objectively and holistically. In one of those rare moments I would ask you to stop

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June 23rd may now seem a distant past. The shock and denial of the following days didn’t last long and even the anger has subsided. And we are now just depressed.

As supply chain professionals we live with uncertainty and … Read the rest

marketing strategy and supply chain

When researching and reading papers for customer marketing strategy and supply chain strategy it appeared odd that the two are so different in their paradigms.

Supply chain strategy seems so complicated in that it is a constant tension between customer … Read the rest

Let’s face it we are all under continuous pressure to reduce costs and improve performance, and places such as the internet or LinkedIn posts are great ways to start looking for guidance. The supply chain is no exception to this, … Read the rest

I am sure, as a supply chain professional, you ensure that your procurement and sales teams use the appropriate INCO terms in their contracts. This determines the transfer of risk from seller to buyer and the responsibility for insuring the … Read the rest

logistics collaboration

Why is it that collaboration is seen as such an obvious benefit and yet it fails so often?

Logistics collaboration is often cited as an effective way to improve supply chain performance. But in many of the case studies cited … Read the rest

bitcoin and blockchains

A colleague of mine sent me a link to an article about the new commercial & financial technology “Blockchain” asking me if this would rapidly change the way the the international supply chain (in particular the financial aspects) operates.

I Read the rest