Global Marketing Strategy

Yawn… Sigh… Twiddle thumbs – I’ve heard it so many times: ‘Print needs to innovate.’ While this is not new news, I haven’t ever really stopped to summarize all the ways that are possible. Have you?

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thought leadership

Thought leadership! It’s the buzzword of modern business right now. But what exactly is ‘thought leadership’ and what is simply opinion, information or ‘content marketing’?

It’s certainly true that thought leadership is a frequently used and often ‘abused’ term. Many … Read the rest

Have you ever spent ten, twenty, perhaps even thirty minutes longer than you should have done, frozen as you deliberated over which birthday gift to buy a friend? Even if it were a friend you know very well, I wouldn’t … Read the rest

digital disruption

You can’t escape it, deny it or ignore it. The impact of modern digital technology and practices has undoubtedly changed the way that businesses work. New business models are emerging. Industry sectors are shifting. Digital Disruption is everywhere.

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So you think you own your brand? Think again. Maybe not for much longer…and perhaps you shouldn’t?

A number of leading fashion brands are taking a long hard look at themselves. Apparently, crumpled cool isn’t just cool anymore. The more … Read the rest

It’s about time the truth was out.

I am writing this blog because I am frustrated by supposedly knowledgeable legal experts telling us about the ins and outs of the workings of LinkedIn when it comes to the relationship between

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linkedin coaching and development

As one builds a valuable network of global connections on LinkedIn it might be thought that this remains the place to keep them. This could prove very frustrating, here is why:

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