Global Financial Advisory

When working with corporates, one of the most common issues that cause headaches for the finance team is freeing up additional working capital for the business. However there are multiple ways in which significant cash can be freed up by

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Virtually all corporates of any size will have a named ‘ Relationship Management (“RM”)’ banker to oversee the maximisation of the relationship for the bank, ensuring long term relationships with corporates whose business the bank considers desirable but also to

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outsourcing treasury

Further to the recent TGG blog about Outsourcing the Global Supply Chain in the light of Brexit, this article takes a look at the implications of outsourcing treasury and cash management.

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FDI graph 1

The above graph shows net Foreign Direct Investment in the Euro area and the UK from 2000 – 2015 in US dollars.

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role of the treaurer

With a growing number of subjects which require their expertise, the role of the Treasurer is gaining higher visibility and becoming more in demand across corporate organisations.

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Global Trading Consultants

This article examines the world of the non-bank FX Broker firms that operate around the globe; the most sophisticated ones offer a full range of currency and interest rate products plus currency payment products (such as payment cards) and highly Read the rest

bitcoin and blockchains

A colleague of mine sent me a link to an article about the new commercial & financial technology “Blockchain” asking me if this would rapidly change the way the the international supply chain (in particular the financial aspects) operates.

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currency market

For the second week running, I find another really important treasury risk management topic being well written about in a Treasury Today article which states that:

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How to Start Improving the Collection Success of your Export Letter of Credit Sales

For as long as any of us can remember, Export Letters of Credit have occupied the unique position of being both one of the most “secure” … Read the rest

role of the treaurer

Maximising Cash from Factoring

For many corporates, the signing of the all important Factoring Agreement signals the end of much hard work in finding a Factored Receivables lender, gaining credit approval and negotiating the commercial legal terms and legals, after … Read the rest