Brexit’s impact on the world of marketing

July 19, 2016
Nigel Cliffe

Throughout the aftermath of the Brexit decision there has been much debate regarding the impact on the economy. Immediately after the vote was announced, the pound dropped dramatically and many believe that the UK could enter a mild recession in 2017. Another impact is that the S&P lowered its credit ratings for the UK from AAA too AA due to weakened predictability, stability, and effectiveness of policy making.

With the decreased value of the pound, digital marketing and advertising agencies may also be affected. Purchasing links for SEO purposes, placing content, and the way you distribute your press releases could place British firms at a disadvantage because they use Pound Sterling rather than the Euro or the Dollar. Despite this, agencies with more experience operating in several countries will still have advantage due to acquired knowledge. For a more in depth look at the Brexit effects on digital marketing, SEO and online advertising take a look here.