Brexit changes Britain’s brand

July 12, 2016
Nigel Cliffe

A couple of weeks ago, we wrote a blog concerning brand ownership. Who owns your brand; you or your customer? Now, the impact of Brexit could see the brand of Britain change dramatically. In an article by Alex Berry, it is highlighted that the fallout from Brexit could have substantial impact on Britain’s brand, including tourism and the globally perceived brand of the UK. The article indicates that Britain is currently 12th in terms of countries’ brand attractive to tourism but with the uncertainty of the future and increased difficulty of EU citizens travelling to the UK, this could be negatively affected.

Looking at both sides of the coin, however, the article states that the opposite may happen; an increase instead of decline. Norway and Switzerland currently have higher country brand perceptions than the UK, and they do not hold EU membership.

Like most potential impacts of Brexit, the alterations of UK brand perception will still be relatively unknown for a few years until the initial shock dies down. You can read the whole article here.