A&E Networks

Cable TV powerhouse A&E Networks are becoming a truly global brand and recognised the need to be able to work more effectively across national boundaries. TGG’s Keith Warburton worked with the company’s senior leadership team to demonstrate how cultural fluency can promote international business success. In true media fashion, the leadership team decided that the message needed to be broadcast to a wider audience within the organisation.


auraTGG’s Nigel Cliffe was asked to provide guidance and strategic direction for the best use of LinkedIn in an effort to influence existing customers through a thought leadership program and by being increasingly relevant to a new audience that is looking for their services.

Blacks Solicitors

BlackBGTGG’s Nigel Cliffe was engaged to explore how the improved use of LinkedIn could assist the already successful social media campaign efforts of the organisation. It became clear there were many untapped opportunities to amplify the reach of social messaging which the firm is now taking advantage of.

Colleagues Info

colleagues-logoColleagues Info is a successful Australian company selling its digital products and services nationally, with a focus on Western Australia. TGG were engaged to research the UK market to determine the potential opportunity and an entry strategy that would allow the company to establish a successful UK venture. TGG researched different industry verticals and developed some novel applications that could create opportunities in the UK. TGG are continuing to support Colleagues Info to identify the right partnerships in the UK to allow local delivery while continuing to provide support from Australia.

Colt Technology Services

Colt provides world-class network and communications services to information–intensive businesses across Europe, Asia and North America and its employees need the ability to be able to work across the boundaries of culture, borders and language. TGG has worked with Colt to build global competence across its employee-base.

Dechert LLP

dechertTGG was commissioned by leading global law firm Dechert LLP to help develop global cultural fluency across the fee earning community of the firm. This work involved raising levels of knowledge around how international cultural differences can impact on lawyers and clients when working on cross-border transactional work.


DLA_PiperDLA Piper Germany asked TGG to help develop and deliver an international client pitching programme which was designed to help senior associates with the firm improve their ability to prepare and deliver cross-border client pitches. TGG worked with the internal BD function to develop specific case study materials and then deliver the training programmes.

Forsters LLP

Leading London litigation firm Forsters LLP turned to TGG’s Keith Warburton to up-skill key partners and senior associates in the complexities of working in an increasingly complex global environment. Global fluency becomes an increasing priority for litigators who are working with clients and adversaries from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds.

Goodbaby International

Goodbaby international is a world leader in the manufacture and sale of juvenile products. Headquartered in China and Germany, it faces a number of challenges with regard to internal cross-border collaboration. TGG has worked with Goodbaby to address these challenges and up-skill key personnel to make them more culturally fluent and able to work effectively in a truly global environment.

Konica Minolta

konicaKonica Minolta appreciated that LinkedIn was a business tool that was being underutilised across many touch points of customer communication. TGG’s Nigel Cliffe was asked to provide a program of training across departments including business development and marketing. New lead generation opportunities are now being created as well as an ability to stay front of mind with existing customers.

Lear Corporation

LOGO-LEAR1TGG’s Nigel Cliffe was asked to provide advanced training to a cohort of senior international recruiters, enabling them to improve their performance in recruiting the best talent in the industry in which they serve.

Lloyds of London Academy

lloydsThe insurance market becomes more international by the day and Lloyds of London Academy is tasked with helping the industry become more internationally effective. The Academy was aware that developing cultural fluency within the industry was a ‘need to have’ and not a ‘nice to have’. TGG were thus retained to work with clients on developing greater levels of cultural awareness and global knowledge.


TGG’s Keith Warburton was engaged to work with LH IT development teams who are currently working with outsourced teams in India in an Agile project environment. The challenges of working in a virtual environment with teams in India are well documented; these issues are massively exacerbated when Agile is thrown into the mix. Quality training and development and training from TGG has helped improved cross-border effectiveness.


TGG works with world leader in missile systems, MBDA, and their partner the UK Ministry of defence on collaboration techniques across corporate and national cultures in order to break down silo mentalities and encourage more collaborative engagement. This is part of a strategic UK government initiative to drive efficiencies from the defence spend.


palatine-logoTGG’s Nigel Cliffe was asked to provide a board level presentation to help senior executives understand the benefits of business-to-business social media and the importance of personal branding. Senior executives have now gone on to improve their personal profiles ensuring that valuable opportunities do not pass them by.


profound-logo-colourTGG was approached by Profound’s chairman to support them in their growth strategy. Profound are a very successful regional training company and are expanding nationally. A recent change in senior management had left the company with a clear strategy and vision but without the detailed implementation plan to deliver the change. TGG delivered a strategic review of the business, identifying the gaps in capability and readiness, and a 9 month business transformational plan, to make the company ready to undertake the change, with a longer term structured approach to achieving the 3 year strategic goals. TGG are now retained to support the delivery programme.


Consumer health-care giant RB commissioned TGG to work with their global finance function in order to improve cross-border collaboration and ways of working. The workshop-style approach we developed in partnership with RB was designed to give key finance employees the awareness, knowledge and tools to allow them to work in a global organisation.


ShireTGG’s Keith Warburton was asked by Shire’s Global General Counsel to work with his large global in-house legal team on improving cross-border understanding and efficiencies. As a multi-billion dollar pharmaceuticals giant, working across all continents and all time zones Shire realised that this presented real challenges and it was felt that a better understanding of how cultural issues can affect working within global virtual teams would help the team work smarter.


steadcrossTGG’s Nigel Cliffe was engaged to help the organisation’s senior executives understand how to be more strategic in their approach to LinkedIn and how that intelligence could assist Steadcross’s customers in delivering the same outcomes for their client base.

Warwick Business School

As one of the world’s leading business schools, WBS prides itself on producing the global business leaders of the future. Recognising the importance of global cultural fluency for the next C-level generation, TGG is engaged to work with the student cohort to help develop cultural savvy and understanding.